Last night I saw your face in the hallowed light. You were standing taller than the mountain side. Your long hair flowed down in blues and whites. I just stood there, bathed in the quiet. No, you say you’ll cut your bangs, I’m calling your bluff. When you lie to me it’s in the small stuff. Now your mouth is foaming like a rabid dog, and where the river flowed is now a clouded fog. Your teeth are gnashing louder than your monologue, and I just stood there, bathed in the quiet. Now the flesh is melting off of your bones. The maggots around your heart make themselves at home. Where the river flowed I am left alone. I just stood there, bathed in the quiet.

I have been stuck before, I won’t do it again/ and I apologize but you are wrapped up in grim self-interest/ that’s where you’re wrong/ I am alone/ I have played along/ I don’t know what to say/ and it’s all be for you/ what did I do to make you like this/ make me like what? I just want love/ this is exhausting/ I want what everyone wants/ I want nothing/ I want you/ well i have nothing left to give